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Canvas on Campus is here to provide you with our unique Skål Tipi! Our aim is to support student wellbeing by creating a comfortable, creative space on campus to ensure you feel safe and welcome, and enjoy the Lincoln Experience at University of Lincoln.

Located at the heart of campus, our Nordic tipi site, will be open throughout the first term providing you with the perfect place to eat, meet and make all those memories that will last you a lifetime.

So come and join us under the twinkling fairy-lights and enjoy fresh, tasty food and a wide range of drinks. Our campus has not been the same without you, welcome to your new home!

Canvas on Campus Opening Times:


Skål Tipi


Monday – Friday:

5pm – 10.30pm


blueberry slush



Skål is located outside the LPAC, at the heart of campus and will probably become the place to meet friends, kick back and truly experience all that Lincoln has to offer.

Open during the evening from 5pm, allowing you to start your evening with the drink of your choice and the glow of the firepit.

Skål has a brand new menu full of flavoursome cocktails, autumnal drinks, nibbles and s’more!

Both tipis are fully accessible and if you need any support please ask a staff member and they will be able to assist you.

What’s in a name?

Our tipi has a Nordic theme and is suitably named Skål. Skål is the word for bowl in many of parts of Scandinavia, however, over time the word Skål is now more commonly associated as a toast – “Cheers”, from a tradition of passing the bowl.