Organising an event or conference

Organising an event

Commercial Services can provide colleges and departments with advice and guidance on how to organise and deliver successful events.

Below are some useful tools and guidelines that will assist you in your event planning.

Please note, in addition to Campus Services, there is also the University of Lincoln Events Office who look after recruitment events such as Open Days and other high profile events like Graduation, royal visits and building openings. Please contact this team if your event falls into this remit.

Essentially, both teams are here to support you and are interested in being involved in your events, particularly if they are of significant importance to the University as a whole because we need to ensure that we deliver excellent guest experience, safety and uphold the University’s reputation.

If you require any further advice or guidance on your event then please get in touch with the team who will be able to help you:

Commercial Services

T: 01522 886905



Important questions before you start

Events can be used as a strategic tool to enhance the University’s reputation and can be used to showcase research, recognise support and to celebrate achievements and anniversaries. They also provide a platform for engaging with a variety of audiences.

Before you begin to plan your event, you should consider these top 10 questions below.

  1. Why are you holding the event, what’s the objective and what are you hoping to achieve?
  2. Who are your target audience(s)?
  3. Who do you need to invite and how many?
  4. Where will you hold your event and when? Does the venue capacity meet the numbers invited?
  5. How are you going to invite them? What method of communication works best for your audience? Letter, telephone, email?
  6. How will the event benefit your audience? What will make them attend – is there a key speaker, is food/drink being offered? What will they get out of it? Give them an idea in the invitation.
  7. How will you measure the events success?
  8. What is the budget?
  9. Who is project managing the event?
  10. What are the tasks (pre-event, on the day and post-event) and who is going to do them and by when? Set up the task list before you start – is it achievable?