Contacting us

If you are planning an event on campus with externals attending or if you are booking an event for, or on behalf of a non-University individual/organisation, it is essential that you contact Campus Services who can provide professional support and advice for all such events at Brayford and Riseholme.

Commercial Events, Conferences and Venue Hire:

Campus Services

Heather Knox, Commercial Events Manager

For similar events at the Holbeach campus, please contact Contact us on 01406 493000 or by email on

Contact the Events Office

If you are thinking of planning an event, let the Events Office know by emailing or calling on 01522 837100. They will be able to provide you with advice and will help you to find a suitable date for your event to avoid unwanted clashes of events in a specific local area.

The following events require formal approval by a range of interested parties from across the University therefore event organisers should contact the Events Office as soon as possible to notify about the event and seek approval prior to planning:

Type of Event The presence of one of the following (or similar) activities regardless of number of persons OR Number of attendees required for notification
Public lectures

Staking the ground e.g. for a marquee

Alcohol provided (unless in a licensed premise operated by Catering Services)

Music (recorded or live)



Fairground equipment

Fireworks/ pyrotechnics

Work at height or similar high risk activity

Food for an official event that is not provided by Catering Services or an Approved University Supplier

60 or over
School and departmental functions including graduation receptions etc. 50 or over
SU sport and social events 150 or over
Sports Centre 150 or over
LPAC 150 or over
Other campus wide functions such as Open Days, fairs etc.

No threshold

High profile event

Charity events (staff or student- led) 50 or over
High profile, VIP events

No threshold

High profile events require notification to ensure that suitable arrangements can be made regarding security, communications etc.

Any event which has an impact upon the University grounds (including hard surface areas, roads, car parks etc.) Including, but not limited to: any events that are not a usual or regular occurrence, which taking place outside of normal working hours, involve catering, parking and/or inviting external guests and visitors to attend.