falafel with salad and sweet chilli sauce in a pitta wrap

As part of FoodLinc’s Unique, Local and Sustainable ethos we are embracing Meat Free Monday in all outlets including hospitality this year.

There has been a lot of research and publicity around the impact of livestock production on the environment and there is a consensus that it is a major contributor towards global environmental destruction and climate change. If all of us in the UK switched to the World Health Organisation’s healthy daily diet , we’d save 15 gigatonnes of Green House Gas emissions by 2050 and we want to help with this goal. Enjoying a plant based diet for one day each week is a simple but significant action that we can all take. Eating meat does not have to damage the climate and the environment it can be sourced from producers that respect environmental and health considerations providing appropriate conditions for animals. We are reviewing our supply chain to source more sustainable produce and we currently source our lamb from our Riseholme campus which is raised in a sustainable manner. All our sausages are locally sourced from Lincoln butchers Foster’s.

FoodLinc will encourage everyone reduce their meat intake and only eat meat from sustainable sources. We will do this by not serving any meat on Mondays, including internal hospitality and only serving sustainable meat for the rest of the week. We want to support people to eat a healthy balanced diet so they can reduce their impact on the planet and look after their health.

Finally, it tastes great and we have a range a meat free meals available including vegan shepherd’s pie, roasted vegetable tagine, vegetable casserole & dumplings, Broccoli, leek and stilton bake, Vegetarian cottage pie, mixed bean chilli and rice, Sweetcorn, potato and parsnip chowder. In addition the noodle bar and jacket potatoes with fillings will be vegetarian and vegan options.