one bowl of soap, a plate with beetroot wraps on, and a third plate with falafel and onions on a pitta bread

FoodLinc who provide the catering across the University of Lincoln recently reopened Groundworks as a Vegetarian and Vegan outlet in Nicola De La Haye building on 7th October 2019. The reason for this development came from a number of student engagement projects run through the course of last year such as cooking classes, where there was a lot of feedback from students about the choice of vegetarian and vegan options at the University. Groundworks was an outlet which could be developed to provide this demand for vegetarian and vegan options. Providing a vegetarian and vegan outlet is also a way FoodLinc can support the University’s pledge on climate emergency.

FoodLinc are not for profit and reinvest all money spent across their outlets at the University back in to the quality of the products and service provided for the students at the University of Lincoln. Therefore, by working in collaboration with the University’s vegetarian and vegan society for menu ideas and options FoodLinc can serve a range of new and unique dishes which have been chosen by the students for the students at the University of Lincoln. This will be an ever evolving menu and continually developed to meet the requirements of the customers at Groundworks.